When you are into a relationship, it is a usual affair where you buy numerous gifts or presents for your loved ones. Offering gifts to your special ones on various occasions from time to time is a great way to enhance the mutual bonding and trust in any relationship.

This gift sending affair becomes all the more important when you are away from your partner in another city like Delhi. A gift from your loved ones brings positivity, charm and warmness into a relationship. It does not matter if you are not at the same place of your lover, you can still offer her amazing gifts witheven looking for online gift shops in Delhi. Here is what all you can gift to her without spending generously.


Bouquets of Flowers with Cakes –This is one of the most popular and evergreen gifting combination for lovers on various occasions like birthday, their first meeting, valentine day or any other event. The flower and cake combination is also pocketing friendly as it is not too pricy. So, take the help of online gifts delivery in Delhi for sending gifts to your ladylove in a seamless manner.

Send Personalized Gifts to Your Ladylove –It is important to showcase your emotions and feelings to your partner through your gifts to maintain a strong bonding between the two of you. There are host of personalized gift items such as key chains, coffee mugs, photo frame, aroma candles, lamp, cushion and others that can include the impression of your blossoming romantic relationships.

Go for a Collage of Your Relationship Memories –Girls adore creativity and if it comes from a guy, it means a lot for them. You can surprise your girl with a beautiful collage representing your romantic journey. It will not only excite her but will also make her shower her love towards you. What is even more amazing is that you don’t have to shell out huge money at any gift shops in Delhi for this unique gift?

Prepare A “Thank You” Slide Show for Your Girl –You can even take the help of technology to make an everlasting impact on the mind of your ladylove. If you are having a working knowledge about Microsoft Office, you can create a wonderful “thank you” slideshow for your girlfriend. It will definitely be a refreshing change from those monotonous gift items for your ladylove.

Send a Short Funny Video CD – Any gift that could make your partner smile is always a special one. You can create a short funny video and copy it into a CD that could be delivered to your girlfriend without any problem. This is truly a unique gift that would not cost your pocket much and will help you hold a special place in her heart instantly.

So, stop searching for gift shops in Delhi to buy a wonderful gift for your girlfriend in Delhi but try these cool ideas. They do not cost high on your pocket and is definitely a league’s apart in terms of gifting.